Effective Fall 2024,  the name of the Liberal Studies program has changed to Global Studies. 

In addition to meeting the General Education requirements and other degree requirements, Global Studies majors must complete a minimum of five global studies core courses, alongside a research methods course and culminating 8-credit capstone sequence.

For students entering the program Fall 2021 and later: 

  1. Structured Inquiry Across the Disciplines ( LBS2017, 3 credits)
  2. Five upper-level core LBS prefix courses  (3000-4000 level except LBS3800) or designated cognate courses (20 credits) See Cognate course list below.
  3. Capstone Proseminar (LBS3880, 4 credits)
  4. E Portfolio Capstone ( CAP4800, 4 credits) 

Total Credits: 31

 Recommended  Elective Courses (during the first two years):

  • Interdisciplinary Foundations of Globalization (LBS 1500, 3 credits)
  • Collaboration and Adaptive Leadership (LBS 2029, 2 credits), OR Teamwork Through Meetings (COM 3700, 2 credits), OR Negotiation Skills (COM 3120, 3 credits), OR Group Collaboration (COM 2010, 3 credits)


  • As of fall 2023, Structured Inquiry has changed from a 3000 level to a 2000 level course, with credit units reduced from 4 to 3 credits
  • A minimum grade of C- is required for all classes applied towards major requirements.
  • Prerequisite LBS2017/Structured Inquiry Across the Disciplines (Minimum grade of C-)

Students enrolled in the program prior to Fall 2021 are subject to the following requirements:

1. LBS 3017/Structured Inquiry Across the Disciplines (4 credits)
2. 6 upper-level core LBS courses (24 credits)
3. LBS 3880/Junior Seminar (4 credits)
4. CAP/4800 Senior Capstone (4 credits)