In addition to meeting  General Education requirements and other degree requirements, all students majoring in language and culture must complete 40 total credits as listed below:

1. Complete the Translation course in the selected language concentration with a grade of B or higher.

    • SPA3735/Spanish Translation (4 credits)
    • FRE 3735/French Translation (4 credits)

Note: For the French Concentration, if FRE 3735/French Translation is not being offered during a particular year, LAC 3430/An Introduction to Linguistics may be substituted for this requirement if your Advisor permits.

2. Complete Two 3000 level language courses from your chosen concentration below: (8 credits total)

3. Four courses in Hispanic or Francophone culture from your chosen concentration below: (16 credits total)

Note: For the French concentration, the same courses cannot be taken for requirements 2 and 3. For example, if you take FRE3230/The Island as Laboratory, it will fulfill either 2 or 3, and not both.

4. One elective from the list of courses in requirements 2 and 3 that have not been taken or one of the following courses:

5. Complete a two-semester Senior Project with a focus in one of the following areas: (8 Credits) 

  • Language Pedagogy: Creating a lesson plan and classroom materials for language instruction and applying pedagogical principals learned in the Methods of Language Teaching class.
  • Translation: Propose a translation for a passage of a novel, film, etc. applying the theory and methodology of translation studies learned in the Translation course.
  • Literature (Hispanic or Francophone): Engage in research on literature and supplement with materials from History, Philosophy, Art History, Political Science, etc. It is encouraged that students write their project in French or Spanish but it is not required.
  • Topics in Hispanic or Francophone Culture: Students may research on topics such as Cinema, Politics and Visual Arts
  • Creative Projects: Students with artistic skills may submit an original work in their genre of choice. The work must reflect Francophone or Hispanic cultures and include an explanatory essay. Approval from an advisor is needed.