In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all students majoring in language and culture must:

  1. demonstrate proficiency in one foreign language by completing, with a grade of B or higher, a 3000 or 4000 level course conducted in the major language.
  2. complete the Translation Workshop in the selected language with a grade of B or higher. For those concentrating in French, LAC 3430/An Introduction to Linguistics can be substituted for this requirement in semesters the Translation Workshop is not being offered.
  3. complete a minimum of eight courses related to the study of foreign culture; courses in the two previous categories are included. Four of these eight courses must be related to the specific cultural area of the major language. The eight courses may include relevant courses offered by other departments such as Literature, History, Political Science, Art History, Anthropology, etc with the approval of their major advisor.
    Students may replace three of the eight courses described above with courses in a second language. To exercise this option, students must complete at least two semesters of the second language at the advanced level or above. Beginning languages may not be counted toward the completion of this option.

  4. complete a two-semester, 8-credit senior project: SPJ 4990/Senior Project I (4 credits), followed by SPJ 4991/Senior Project II (4 credits). The project must have as its focus some manifestation of the major language or culture that the student has selected. It may take a variety of forms, concentrating on aspects of the major language, on a cultural theme, or on a particular period or event. It will generally involve research, though it may incorporate the student’s personal experience (e.g., work or study abroad). All majors must submit a short proposal of their senior topic for approval by the Language and Culture Board of Study by Oct. 15 (or March 15) of their senior year.