The composition program is committed to fostering the unique gifts of each composer and providing both the technical and artistic tools needed to best express his or her musical personality.

Students study with the entire faculty during their time at Purchase so that they may benefit from different approaches and musical perspectives. Courses in theory, orchestration, and musicology are designed to nurture and strengthen. A weekly Composition Seminar builds community and provides a forum for in-depth discussions of student work. Guest speakers are also invited to illuminate different aspects of the complex world of new music in this seminar.

Perhaps most important, student composers at Purchase hear their works performed. Purchase New Music is an extension of the Purchase Symphony Orchestra and provides a steady stream of players for the six yearly departmental recitals. Collaborations with other areas of the campus are encouraged and supported. The Performing Arts Center offers rich programming featuring some of the world’s most acclaimed performers, enriching the musical experiences of our students and lighting the path toward professional life.