The critical step towards this reconsolidation was taken by the Chisholm family, which purchased various parcels of land from about 1910 to the 1930’s in order to create a large cattle and dairy farm. The Chisholm fortune was based on New England industry: the family founded the Oxford Paper Company and had diversified interests including railroads. Strathglass farm operated for nearly 50 years, until son William sold the farm in 1961 to a group of prominent Purchase residents, the Lincoln Avenue Associates, for $2.1 million. They bought the property because were concerned about the rapid development of Westchester and the commercial expansion of neighboring properties, including the airport to the northwest, and the polo grounds to the east. In 1966, the Associates sold it for $3.8 million to New York State for the purpose of creating a state university campus, part of an ambitious program of
for expanding the state’s higher education system.

Hugh Chisholm (1847-1912) first settled into the Westchester area in 1910 when he purchased property near the campus and constructed a house, which later became the High Point Hospital and later the Belle Fair housing development. In 1911 the family began the process of purchasing what would eventually be the 500 acres of land which constituted Strathglass Farm.