• Kiaralee Contreras

    I am Kiaralee Contreras and I am 18 years old (turning 19 on July 2nd). I am a sophomore at Purchase College. I live in the Bronx with my dad and brother in an apartment. I attended the same middle school and high school in the Bronx where I graduated high school with honors and 2 awards. I am an enthusiastic, fun, outgoing, loving person who’s excited to take on new adventures. 

  • Anyela Coronado

    My name is Anyela Coronado . My name is pronounced Angela but there’s a Y there. I’m a sophomore from Queens . I went to high school to study fashion however ended up deciding to major in psychology in college . I am obsessed with pineapples , anything with pineapples on it I love.  I like watching Netflix and cooking and my favorite show is Friends . I was in the Success Fellows program last year and I absolutely loved it . I hope that I can help you guys enjoy the Success Fellows as much as I did and help your transition from high school to college be as smooth as possible.

  • Melody Fonville

    My name is Melody Fonville. I am a psychology major with a minor in biology and photography! I’m on the women’s soccer team and will be the SRA of Big Haus! I was born and raised on Long Island and hope to be a clinical psychologist for the U.S Air Force. I love sleeping, I’m a big foodie and I LOVE bread!

  • Sarah Foster

    Hi! My name is Sarah Foster and I’m double majoring in playwriting/screenwriting and arts management. I’m from Torrington Connecticut and I love living at Purchase. My favorite shows are The Office and Law and Order SVU. I’m currently binge watching  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I like go to the gym, watch TV, and hangout out with my dog.

  • Kaspar Horsfield

    My name is Kaspar Horsfield and I’m a queer, trans Graphic Design major here at Purchase College. I came out as queer almost 6 years ago, and 2 years ago as trans. I started HRT May 4th, 2018. I fell in love with Graphic Design my junior year of High School; then Purchase soon after. I love the school, the curriculum, and the experiences I’ve had so far, regardless of being good or bad because I consider them all things to learn and grow from. Aside from my life at college, I do a few different things! I’ve been drawing my whole life, and you’ll always see me doodling or sketching on my papers; sometimes I’ll actually carry around a sketchbook. I’ve been doing Karate since I was 11, and I received my Black Belt in Classical Okinawa Te Karate on April 3rd, 2017. I also just generally enjoy being outside, and spending time with my 10 year-old English Bulldog Lulu! If you’ve known me for longer than 5 minutes you’ll have already seen at least 20 pictures of this dog; I love her. 

  • Christa McGuire

    My name is Christa McGuire. I am currently a sophomore at Purchase and a New Media major. For the last four years I’ve been living in Brooklyn with my family, but before that I lived in a small town on Long Island. This summer will mark my tenth year since I started playing the violin. I performed at Julliard once with some of my classmates back in my Junior year of High School! I’m a huge animal lover and hope to one day work with and help them when I’m older. I spend a lot of my free time reading or watching something on Netflix, but otherwise you’ll probably find me in the library working on some type of project. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

  • Nathaniel Okoroji

    Hello! My name is Nathaniel Okoroji. I am a Class of 2021 rising sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Arts Management. I am currently on the Dean’s List and enjoy studying!. My hobbies and interests include music, fashion, and dancing, and I am a big fan of artists like Masego, Smino and The Internet. I can be a very social person, and love to help people who are in need. One of my biggest dreams is to someday lend a hand to marginalized groups in a big way, and I believe a good education is one of the major steps to achieving this goal.

  • James Peitz

    Hi! My name is James Peitz, but you can call me Jimmy. I’m a Studio Composition major, going to be a sophomore. My interests include friends, Harry Potter, hanging out with friends and family, and most of all, playing and writing music. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here because I’m always looking for more friends. I look forward to meeting everyone, and I hope you enjoy Purchase and Success Fellows as much as I do.

  • Amy Pinilla

    Amy Pinilla is an 18 year old Colombian-American living in Jackson Heights, NY. She is currently studying New Media with minors in Film/Video Production and Spanish Language & Culture. She currently serves as the public relations manager of both Latinx Unidos and Queer People of Color, two cultural clubs at Purchase. 

    Outside of school, Amy loves to dance salsa, cumbia, and bachata. Additionally, she loves photography and film and specializes in 35 mm film. She runs her own small business selling her photography prints. You can find her prints and art at laputarealeza.bigcartel.com

  • Gabriella Rodriguez ’17
    My name is Gabby. I’m from the Bronx. I graduated from Purchase in 2017 with my degree in Literature with a minor in Playwriting. I currently reside in Virginia Beach, VA pursuing my MFA in Television and Cinema, concentrating in Script and Screenwriting. I am obsessed with DISNEY and LOVE Kit Kats! This will be my third year working with Success Fellows and I can’t tell you how much I love it! I loved being at Purchase and meeting the people I got to meet. I look forward to meeting you all, providing a smooth transition into the Purch community and helping you all fall in love with it as I did. 
  • Simone Sanchez

    Hi!  My name is Simone, I’m 19 and I’m a sophpmore photography major.  I love reading, writing and movies.  I am a part of the LGBTQU community and I live in the Bronx with my parents and brothers.  I’ll be living in Big Haus next year.  My favorite tv shows are Riverdale, Reign and Law and Order SVU.  I was part of Success Fellows program last year and I can’t wait to get to know you all!!  

  • Jessica Usma

    Hello! My name is Jessica Usma and I’m currently a Graphic Design major here at Purchase. I’m an incoming junior and I was part of the first generation of Success Fellows, so I can’t wait for you to experience the same things I did coming in as a Freshman! I’m Puerto Rican/Colombian and I live in the Bronx with my mom and twin sister, Annmarie. I love art/animation, anime (though I’m relatively new to it), chocolate, animals, music, and Marvel movies. My biggest dream is to be an animator, so it wouldn’t be strange to catch me drawing or doodling. Can’t wait to meet you guys!