Sexual Violence Prevention Survey Results from 2023

Purchase College is committed to providing a safe environment that respects all individuals, encourages exploration, and increases growth and knowledge both in and out of the classroom. To better understand our students, faculty and staff the SUNY Sexual Violence Prevalence (SVP) Survey was conducted in spring 2023. As per SUNY policy ‘Results will be published on the campus website providing no personally identifiable information shall be shared’.

The survey gathered information about student and employee experience with sexual and interpersonal violence and knowledge of policies and resources. In the spring 2023 semester, 368 students and 238 employees completed the survey, for response rates of 12.33 percent and 19.60 percent, respectively. The complete survey is available here.

If you have recommendations about how the College can reduce the incidence of conduct that creates a hostile environment on campus, including sexual violence and related crimes, and improve the support the College offers when it does occur, please contact the Interim Title IX Coordinator at If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Barbara Moore, Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment.