All new incoming students at Purchase College, during the course of their onboarding, are required to complete a mandatory 2 part online training program on Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Prevention and attend mandatory orientation. The 2 part online training program must be completed prior to a student enrolling for classes. The 1st part must be completed prior to enrolling in the fall, and the 2nd part must be completed prior to enrolling for spring classes. A student who doesn’t complete Part 1, receives a “hold” on their accounts which precludes the student from registering for the spring semester. The hold will not be lifted until Part 1 is completed. The mandatory orientation includes training on the following topics:

  • Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, other violence or threats of violence, resources for any victims/survivors of such violence, administrative and conduct action regarding any accused individual within the jurisdiction of the institution.
  • Relevant definitions including, but not limited to, the definitions of sexual violence and consent.
  • Review of policies that apply equally to all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
  • The role of the Title IX Coordinator/Investigator, University Police/Campus Security, Counseling Services, Health Services and Wellness Center and other relevant offices that address violence prevention and response.
  • Awareness of violence, its impact on victims/survivors and their friends and family, and its long-term impact.
  • The Students’ Bill of Rights and Sexual Violence Response Policy (which can be viewed via the following website link - The policy includes information on the following:
    • How to report sexual violence and other crimes confidentially, and/or to college officials, campus law enforcement and security, and local law enforcement.
    • How to obtain services and support. A list of services and support can be found on the following website link:
    • Bystander Intervention and the importance of taking action, when one can safely do so, to prevent violence.
    • The protections of the Policy for Alcohol and/or Drug Use Amnesty in Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Cases.
    • Risk assessment and reduction including, but not limited to, steps that potential victims/survivors and potential assailants and bystanders to violence can take to lower the incidence of sexual violence.
    • Consequences and sanctions for individuals who are found responsible for these acts.

The onboarding process is not limited to a single day of orientation. The College recognizes that students enroll at different times and conducts training for all new students and professional staff. The College also shares information on sexual violence prevention with parents of enrolling students. During freshman orientation the college conducts a special orientation for parents where the above referenced topics are discussed.

Additionally, students at Purchase College are offered general and specialized training in sexual violence prevention. The College conducts periodic training and educational sessions to educate the student population.

Purchase College additionally requires that student leaders and officers of registered/recognized student organizations (such as members of the PSGA) to complete training on domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking prevention. Additionally, student-athletes are required to complete training in domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking prior to participating in intercollegiate athletics. In addition, all Physical Education and Services Department staff (Administrators, Coaches and Athletic Trainers) are required to complete similar training. 

Purchase College’s methods of training and educating students and staff members include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome messaging to new and returning students issued by the Director of Community Standards (Purchase College Student Code of Conduct)
  • Educational plays (that include topics of sexual assault followed up by group discussions) conducted by: students enrolled in the College’s Leadership and Bystander Intervention (LBI) Program, Wellness Center Interns and Counseling Center Staff and graduate Interns,
  • Online training;
  • First-year seminar (FYS) Active Bystander Trainings conducted by the Wellness Center, LBI interns and Counseling Center graduate interns,
  • Presentations to and discussions with the College’s student clubs/organization (ex. Purchase Student Government Association, Inc., – PSGA, WPSR - College’s radio station, Purchase Phoenix – College’s newspaper) on the topics of Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Posters, bulletin boards, and other targeted print and email materials. The LBI program prepares and distributes posters advertising the educational plays and programs. The Office of Residential and Student Life in collaboration with the Counseling Center created flyers for students that listed available Counseling Center services and resources. The flyer was posted in the residence halls and throughout other buildings on campus.
  • Educational Programs – Programs conducted on campus include the following, but are not limited to: RAINN Day (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network), Remember My Name, Stalking Program, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program, a Sexual Awareness week programming/campaign conducted in the spring (programming includes: Mini-skirt March, Clothes Line Project, Artist Showcase, Take Back the Night, Healing Through Art and Movement)   
  • Partnering with neighboring SUNY and non-SUNY colleges to offer training and education. Partnering educational institutions have included: Mercy College and Manhattanville College. Purchase College in collaboration with these educational institutions have offered educational programs on the following topics: Response to Interpersonal Violence, a Police Conference on Sexual Assault Response, and Title IX   
  • Partnering with local community organizations that provide outreach, support, crisis intervention, counseling and other resources to victims/survivors of crimes to offer training and education. Organizations include: Westchester County Office for Women, Westchester County Family Justice Center, Westchester County Domestic Advisory Council, Victim Assistance Services and My Sisters Place.

Purchase College assesses their own programming and polices to determine effectiveness by issuing a SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Survey (climate survey) to all students and faculty/staff. The last climate survey was issued in 2016. The results of the survey can be viewed at the following website link: To insure that Purchase College is providing effective and relevant services to its student and faculty/staff, the College will periodically conduct climate surveys. The data collected from the climate surveys will assist the college in determining the efficacy of its programs and policies and adjust according to the results. The results of each survey will be published on the College’s website to insure transparency with the college community.

(updated November 2017)