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Bella Rose Rodriguez

Bella Rose is a Puerto Rican, New York based actor from Buffalo.

Acting since the 5th grade, she built an arsenal of skills and characters to serve her artistry. At Purchase she explored multiple talents such as stage make-up, singing, dancing, and most of all theatre. In the past 4 years she has dedicated her best work to the Acting Conservatory and is excited to share her grit, talent, and dedication with the world. From playing old grandad Tyndareus in Orestes to Lady in Orpheus Descending, Bella has showcased her range and welcomes the next challenge with open arms.

 Bella would like to thank her family for supporting her and her dog (Pincho) for always being by her side.

 Go Bills!

Orestes (Tyndareus) Orestes (Tyndareus)


Road (Louise) Road (Louise)


Orpheus Descending (Lady Torrance) Orpheus Descending (Lady Torrance)


Fucking A (Canary Mary) Fucking A (Canary Mary)


Machinal (Telephone Girl) Machinal (Telephone Girl)