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Leo James Osborn

Leo James Osborn (he/him) is an actor, writer, and artist born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Growing up queer in the Bible Belt of the American South, it was through writing that Leo first discovered storytelling as a means of self-exploration, self-expression, and connection. He fell only more deeply in love with the arts as he grew older, and it wasn’t long before his passion began to blossom from the page to the stage. 

During his time in the Conservatory at Purchase, Leo’s love for stagecraft has only grown. He plans to continue pursuing writing, devising, and directing in addition to acting when he graduates, seeking to create work in which queer and trans artists like himself are not only represented, but celebrated.  

Purchase Credits include Kevin in Heroes of the Fourth Turning, Orestes in Orestes, and George Gibbs in Our Town. Professional credits include #7 in The Wolves at the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte.

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in

singing, especially when singing is not necessarily

prescribed.” –Mary Oliver

Defense Attorney in Machinal Kevin in Heroes of the Fourth Turning Orestes in Orestes (dir. Raz Golden) Defense Attorney in Machinal