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Amani Kojo

Amani Kojo is a first-generation Trinidadian-American actor from Queens, New York. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Kojo spent his childhood in his mother’s herbal shop, where he met many people with different backgrounds and later developed an interest in human connection and understanding. During his early adolescence, Kojo discovered a channel to funnel his interest and a hidden fire within himself: acting. In his first year of high school, acting ignited a passion in Kojo’s life that he couldn’t live without.

 During his first year at Purchase, Kojo starred in his first short film titled “Off the Beat,” for which he later received the Best Actor award for narrative short in 2022. He later portrayed Justin in “Heroes of the Fourth Turning” written by Will Arbery, Joey in “Road” written by Jim Cartwright, Truth in “Good Goods” written by Christina Anderson, and a number of transformative roles. For his final performance at Purchase, Kojo will be portraying Marcus Andronicus in “Titus Andronicus.” Kojo is deeply grateful to all the faculty at Purchase, as well as his early mentors, for providing him with the tools to turn his passion and dreams into reality.

“All I wish for is more connection and love through the means of acting, allowing my gift to inspire others to recognize their own gifts.”-Kojo

Good Goods (Truth) Good Goods (Truth) Heroes of The Fourth Turning (Justin) Heroes of The Fourth Turning (Justin) Road (Joey) Road (Joey)