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Micah Abrams

Micah Abrams is an actor/artist who takes every opportunity to entertain those around him.

Born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey, Micah was immersed in arts education and experiences year-round in public school and summer camps. His theatrical endeavors continued through high school where he developed a true appreciation for theater, and art’s capacity to challenge and inspire each viewer. Micah chose SUNY Purchase because he believed it offered the perfect environment to expand his artistic skills and cultivate a strong creative toolkit.

His notable Purchase credits include Sheriff Talbott in Orpheus Descending, Apollo in Orestes, and Demetrius in Titus Andronicus, as well as numerous student films and playwriting workshops. At Purchase, he faced challenges that fueled his growth and impulse to create, collaborate, and live life as if “THERE IS NO TOMORROW” - Carl Weathers.

His natural charisma, storytelling ability, and beautiful blue eyes are what makes him Jersey’s Finest.

Micah Abrams in the student short film Laundry directed by Salvador Angelo Gonzalez.


Micah Abrams as Sheriff Talbott in Orpheus Descending Machinal Huckster