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Janelix Rivera

Peer Career Liaison

Hi! My name is Janelix Rivera. I am a Sociology major here at Purchase. I’m currently in the process of picking a double major which would be Psychology. My desire to have a good influence on people’s lives served as my incentive for studying to become a social worker. I’ve always been deeply committed to the welfare of everyone I come into contact with. I liked the idea of becoming a social worker once I started working around them, and it remained in my head. Since then, I have worked and volunteered in a variety of settings, including several high schools/middle schools, daycare centers & The Children’s Aid. In every situation, I have had the chance to help others find their inner strength through their challenging life/mental circumstances and to listen to individuals whose voices have been muffled by mainstream society. The path frequently starts with personal experiences that kindle a passion for change in the field of social work, where professionals dedicate their life to truly changing people’s lives. I understood as a prospective social work student that my own life experiences, both professional and personal could open doors for a career focused on addressing social concerns, standing up for the fragile, and challenging social injustice. Currently, I am interning at the Career Development Center as a Peer Career Liaison; excited to see what experiences and skills I will gain working alongside the team.

More About Me

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” - Maya Angelou