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Ndeye Daro Niang

Ndeye Daro Niang is a creative artist born in Senegal and raised in the streets of Harlem, New York. She migrated to the United States at the age of six with her mother’s hand to hold. This sudden shift at a young age was shocking but it made her see the world in a different light and made her the woman that she is today. Growing up, Ndeye has always felt the need to use her vessel to tell stories through any medium, whether acting, dancing, strutting down a runway or creating visual shoots. As an artist, Ndeye believes that it is our job to reflect the times, and the craft of acting specifically feeds that desire of hers in a personal and humane way.

 Purchase Rep credits include Truth and Reconciliation ( Daughter/Woman), Babettes Feast (Babette), Barbecue(Alden), Serious Money (TK, Nigel, Merrison), and Twelfth Night(Fabian). Other credits include the Stellar Adler Studio of Acting and placing in the National Shakespeare Competition in New York. Many thanks to her family and close companions who support and uplift her!