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Katie Parkinson

Katie grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington. She started acting when her very busy working parents put her into an after school theatre program at age three. That backfired horribly on them because she fell deeply in love with the art form. After she joined an improv troupe with her twin brother and little sister, her love was cemented in stone. She did as many plays and workshops as she could until she made it to Purchase and finally got the training she craved. To her, theater and film are a beautiful amalgamation of almost every artistic discipline. This is an overwhelming medium, capable of connecting to people in a deeply moving and personal way. She remembers very clearly the first play she watched that shifted her perspective on the world. She hopes she can create a similar impact. 

She’s also a Pokémon enthusiast and an avid hiker. You can find out more about her/reach her at

Katie as Lillie Anne in Barbecue.

Lillie Anne in Barbecue, 2022

Le Bret ~ Cyrano de Bergerac

Le Bret in Cyrano de Bergerac, 2022

Dolcie Starr ~ Serious Money

Dolcie Starr in Serious Money, 2022