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Arielle Moore

Arielle Moore is a multi-dimensional artist hailing from Harlem, NY

From a very young age, Arielle was drawn to art in all forms whether it was visual, musical or theatrical. She majored in Drama at LaGuardia High School, performed in two musicals with Kidz Theater and received vocal training from the Musical Dream program before embarking on her journey at Purchase. Through her artistry with the aid of her training, she seeks to expand her creative repertoire and uplift the global community within her career collaboratively whether it be through acting, poetry, music, dance or fashion. Purchase College has developed a bridge for Arielle to cross into new creative ventures, leaving behind a slew of achievements she couldn’t be even more proud of; that truly exemplify her dedication and love for acting. Some of those achievements include playing Feste in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Man and Mama in Debbie Tucker Green’s Truth and Reconciliation, and Black Lillie Anne in Robert O’Hara’s Barbecue. She sends the utmost gratitude to her family, friends, teachers, Company 47, and to the many people who have inspired and supported her along the way.