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Jamie Rosenfeld

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. After medical school in Philly, I came to the Bronx to do my medical training in Pediatrics. I was introduced to my husband, Paul, a guy from Long Island. That’s how I became a New Yorker.

I spent 40+ years as a practicing pediatrician in the Bronx and Queens. More than 30 of those as an expert in Child Abuse. I served as the Medical Director of the Queens and most recently the Bronx Child Advocacy Centers. I retired from clinical practice in December 2021. I remain on the faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and continue to teach medical students in general medicine topics. I actively train statewide on Child Abuse topics. I am on the Board of the New York Chapter of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children which attempts to improve the lives of children by decreasing child maltreatment through education and advocacy. One of my areas of active interest and advocacy is in ending the use of physical punishment in children and to support positive parenting techniques.

Of all my accomplishments, I am most proud of my adult “children” Kira and Asher and their wonderful partners Mike and Michele (respectively!)