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Dwayne “Dj” Fralin

Dwayne “Dj” Fralin is a Lighting Designer/ Photographer from Washington DC. 

Dj started out as a performer. In middle school, He played the Tuba and was a part of a local dance group. Fast forward to high school, Dj Attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where his love for lighting flourished. Since then, he attended Purchase College to sharpen his skills as a designer. Now he is ready to jump into the world as a confident designer, photographer & Artist.

His Purchase Rep credits include: Marisol (Lighting Designer), The Silent Observer (Lighting Designer), A Walrus In The Body Of A Crocodile (Lighting Designer), A Colored Museum (Assistant Lighting Designer), Misanthrope (Assistant Lighting Designer), FEN (Production Electrician), Dialogues of the Carmelites (Production Electrician), and We’re Gonna be Okay (Production Electrician).

Outside of Purchase, he Credits include: Company The Musical (Intern), Cocomellon (Production Electrician), Dear Evan Hansen (Production Electrician), As The Sun Sets (Lighting Designer)