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Ruby Goldstein

Ruby is a Florida based scenic designer from Boca Raton, FL. She discovered the art of theater and design in high school. In doing so, she found a place where she could express herself creatively, while surrounded by a strongly supportive community. Ruby’s goal as a scenic designer is to express her concepts in new, innovative ways while telling a story that is true to the playwright. She has explored her theatrical interests through working with companies such as Stagedoor Manor and Millbrook Playhouse, where she worked as a carpenter, scenic painter, and designer.

To view Ruby’s work visit her website.

Wolves Eat Elk

By: Mj Kaufman

Direction: Josiah Davis | Scenic: Ruby Goldstein | Associate: Pauline Walsh | Technical: Hannah Eckert | Lighting: Massimiliano DiMartino | Sound: Nickolas Lambert | Stage Management: Kaleb Perez


By: Christopher Chen

Direction: James Palmer | Scenic: Ruby Goldstein | Technical: Hannah Eckert | Lighting: Chris Heffy | Sound: Otto Martinian | Stage Management: Caroline Pastore


By: Amelia Bande, Clemente Bracamonte, Francisca Campos, Amada Ceballos, Noel Cifuentes, Fernanda Fernandez, Agustín Miranda, Darián Negrón-Ortiz, Francis Pace-Nuñez, Ignacio Perez, Maite Pino, Maklin Ramirez, Javier Riveros, Catalina Stephens, Daniela Tarifeno, & Janis Valenzuela

Direction: Amelia Banda | Scenic: Ruby Goldstein | Lighting: Chris Heffy | Technical: Connor McGlone | Costume: Olivia Rivera | Programing: Massimiliano DiMartino, Otto Martinian, Nickolas Lambert | Stage Management: Arcadio Lorenzo


By: Heather Raffo

Noura’s Entrance. 1/4” Scale Model, Paper Project