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My name is Sarah Verrelli, I am a Senior, and I am a Social Media Intern for Ms. Knoelle Higginson, the director of the Soul Voices ensemble. My work consists of logo designs, advertising our upcoming shows, and posting/capturing behind the scenes of our rehearsals every Tuesday night. My favorite part so far was having the honor of participating in the George Clooney Foundation Award Ceremony at the New York Public Library as a choir member, in a performance with singer Aloe Blacc. Since working for Ms. Knoelle, I have been given opportunities that will greatly benefit my time as a Purchase student and beyond. Not only am I strengthening my marketing skills, but I am also learning how to be a better performer with the direction of Ms. Knoelle!
 - Sarah Verrelli, Arts Management, Fall 2022 Intern

I have been interning with the UPD since the Spring 2022 semester. The reason I wanted to intern with them, is because I have a passion for law enforcement, and I personally am in the process of becoming a police officer myself. My favorite part of this internship are the officers. We are so blessed on a college campus, to have access to police at the ease of our fingertips or just walking downstairs from the mall. I’m sure many college students wish they had this form of access on there college campus. Each and every officer are amazing and always ready to help the students, staff and even the public when they access our campus. They go above and beyond to make sure our campus is safe and we, as students, most importantly know how to keep ourselves safe. I have learned so much about law enforcement and daily life skills from each officer. They all have some great stories to tell and unforgettable life skills that you will use in your everyday life. This internship not only prepared me with day to day skills for being a cop, but prepared me for the outside world and real scenarios, I wouldn’t be able to experience until I was put on a police job. If you are looking to be apart of law enforcement, I highly recommend joining the UPD internship team. 
 - Dana Dileo, Liberal Studies, Spring and Fall 2022 Intern

Through these past two semesters I have been working for The Health Promotion internship of Counseling and Behavioral Health Services here on campus. In the future, I plan to do the same things that Catherine Vanbomel, the victims advocate at the counseling center does. She is a great role model who has taught me so much. I have learned skills such as communication, leadership, team work, public speaking, adaptability, creativity, decision making, problem solving, cultural awareness, organization/operations, and knowledge of the field for a future career in counseling and/or social work. I participated in training as well as learning how to appreciate struggles of various marginalized populations and bystander awareness. Through the “ABC” internship, which means The Advocacy for Building Community; we were able to create and develop several programs for students on campus to come together and support one another such as awareness of the red zone, sober activities, raise awareness for social issues such as trans youth rights, reviving the free store, queer sex education, safe spring break awareness, and woman’s rights. 
 -  Jacklyn Murphy, Psychology, Spring and Fall 2022 Intern

I interned as Contact Center Operation Analyst at The General The experience was very educational. It introduced me to the insurance industry, contact centers, and customer service. I am grateful for all the brilliant, kind and helpful people there, and their setting me up for success. I am excited to use all the new skills and knowledge in my senior project and future development.
 - Nikita Kordzielewska, Math & Computer Science, Summer 2022 Intern

This summer, I had an internship with the Town Players of New Canaan at the Powerhouse Theater. I was able to learn about every aspect of putting on a production. I participated in the audition selection, the set design, lighting and sound design, and costuming. I also learned how to market a production through the power of social media. My favorite part of interning there was to reunite with people in the cast and crew that I haven’t seen due to the pandemic. I have acted and worked backstage productions at this theatre in high school, so the opportunity to come back as an intern was really special.
 - Alexis Taylor, Theatre and Performance/ Communications, Summer 2022 Intern

As a summer intern, I had the privilege to intern for Westchester County GIS, through the Westchester County Department of Technology. I created projects on ArcGIS Pro, created web applications on ArcGIS Online, updated feature layer data on both ArcGIS Pro as well as online, and created a StoryMap on ArcGIS Online. Some of these projects required collaborating with different departments such has the planning department on zoning projects & the health department on a cooling tower project. I enjoyed applying GIS skills I learned from classes taken at Purchase, while also learning new skills every day. Overall, I am really glad I had this opportunity to work for Westchester County GIS and I cannot wait to see what opportunities this experience affords me in the future.
 - Jillian O’Rourke, Environmental Studies, Summer 2022 Intern

I had the opportunity to intern at two different organizations: BronxNet TV and Music on the Inside Inc. At BronxNet, I was trained in journalism and field reporting and really enjoyed going out in the field and learning how to use a professional video camera with a journalistic purpose and eye. I also learned a lot on how to create and present a story in a clear and precise manner for the viewer to easily understand and interpret. At Music on the Inside, I really enjoyed filming two in-person concerts. I also gained invaluable knowledge on a very serious and pervasive subject about the impact of incarceration and the criminal justice system in the United States. Through these experiences, I improved my teamwork skills through group-based work and maintaining ongoing communication and correspondence either through the internet or through in-person meetings. All-in-all, I consider my time at BronxNet TV and Music on the Inside to be extremely invaluable to my current and future prospects. They were amazing opportunities and I would recommend them to anyone interested in the field of journalism, music, media, and activism.
 - Eliyahu Greenwald, New Media & Graphic Design, Summer 2022 Intern

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