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An Update on Broadview

An Update on Broadview Senior Living on Purchase Campus

Broadview Senior Living is aimed at bringing a new group of residents to the Purchase Campus. It has been a long gestating project that has had a ton of momentum and updates recently.

Lots of new details have emerged and through a recent presentation with Westchester County, we know that construction will follow immediately after permanent financing is secured in August or September of this year. The presentation noted that the first occupants of Broadview are anticipated to move onto campus in March 2023 and everything is currently on track for that.

Broadview is set to sit on 40 acres of land that is leased for 75 years, and through a combination of efforts from the campus, state, and county, will be financed through tax exempt bonds from the Westchester County Local Development Corporation – a body authorized to issue these bonds for projects that benefit the public. It is emphasized that no state or Purchase College funds are being used for the construction or operation of Broadview.

The project will pay ground rent in which 75% will go towards student scholarships and 25% will go towards additional full time faculty.

A preview of the parking lot in the center of Broadview on Purchase Campus.

An aerial preview of Broadview on Purchase Campus.