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Outstanding Costume Design Nomination

Anita Yavich, Associate Professor of Theatre Design/Technology, is nominated for a 2017 Drama Desk Award.

Congratulations to Professor Anita Yavich for capturing a 2017 Drama Desk Nomination for Outstanding Costume Design for a Musical.


We had a wonderful cast and besides having the honor of designing costumes for all the characters, I had the great challenge of designing a dress made of duct tape for the drag performance in the show!  How incredible it is to be nominated for Outstanding Costume Design for a Musical along with all these great designers this year!

-Anita Yavich


The View UpStairs is based on a true life event, in 1973 a gay bar that doubled as the home for the pro-LGBT Metropolitan Community Church was set fire to and thirty-two people died, while fifty more were seriously injured. The arson occurred on Pride Sunday, yet pride back then was a silent prayer.

Created by Max Vernon (book music and lyrics!) and directed by Scott Ebersold, the music is infectious and the lyrics are powerful, poignant, and resonate with our current political climate -

“ For That Strength You Pay A Price. That’s Just Reality In 1973. You’d Better Stop Bein’ So Wide-Eyed. This Is A Battle Firing From All Sides And We’ve All Been Wounded, Some Have Died. The Best Revenge Is Just To Stay Alive.”