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Live Amplified Music Events

Live outdoor music on a nice day is a Purchase College tradition. Listening to the artistic expressions of your fellow students is both rewarding and relaxing!  If you are interested in having live amplified music events outside, please note the 4 step procedure. 

Step 1: Location 
For the outdoor areas within a particular residential living area (i.e. The Quad), permission must be received from the Residence Coordinator. This may be obtained via e-mail. Please note that it is Office of Residence Life policy that no live amplified music, specifically band practices, is allowed in the residential buildings for any reason. Additionally, please note that your request must be an actual program and not just a band practice. These requests will be denied immediately. 

For non-residential area (the mall, zones in front of Campus Centers North and South and Theater X), permission must be obtained from the Office of Student Life via e-mail ( 

Regardless of start time, no live amplified music is allowed after 11pm as this is a township ordinance. 

Step 2: Advance Notice 
You must contact the appropriate individual or office for this permission a minimum of two weeks in advance. This is necessary for the following reasons: 1) Proper notification must be given to University Police 2) Proper notification must be given to all other parties who may be impacted by the live music including residents, faculty, staff and students 

Step 3: Required Information 
When contacting either the Residence Coordinator or the Office of Student Life, please note that the following information is required. If granted permission, deviation from any of the specifics you provided may result in the immediate cancellation of your event so please be as accurate as possible. 

1) Day, time and length of your event 
2) Number of individuals involved and their roles 
3) Expected attendance 
4) Will attendance be primarily Purchase College students or will there be off-campus guests? If you are expecting off-campus guests, please provide the expected number. 
5) Does your event contain additional equipment (stage, lighting grid, trailers, generators, etc.) and/or require a vehicle for equipment drop-off? 

Pertaining to question #4, if your event is expected to attract a crowd of over 300 and/or a large number of off-campus guests, the policies that dictate a major student event will apply. This includes additional College personnel (UPD and custodial). University Police reserves the right to schedule additional officers and Facilities reserves the right to schedule additional custodial personnel to maintain both public safety and the grounds. If this is required, the cost of the extra coverage is the responsibility of the PSGA. Due to this, you must also contact them and receive their permission to hold your event. If they do not approve, we cannot approve. 

Pertaining to question #5, if your event contains additional equipment and/or vehicle drop off, again the policies that dictate a major student event will apply. This includes oversight from facilities to ensure that health and safety standards are met (set up, fire code, etc.) and temporary vehicle authorization. 

Step 4: Space Reservation 
Notification of event approval or disapproval will be made via e-mail to your Purchase College e-mail account within 72 hours of your request. If you are granted permission, you MUST reserve the space. Failure to reserve the space will nullify the event. 

Residential SpaceThe Residence Coordinator will state in the approval e-mail that you have also reserved the space. 

The mall, Theater X or the zones in front of Campus Centers North and SouthThe Office of Student Life will e-mail both the space manager for these locations and you to inform of approval. To reserve the space, you must utilize the new RMS system. This is accessible from the student portal page. If you do not know how to use this system, please contact the PSGA or the Office of Student Life and you will receive assistance.