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Food and Drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Library in accordance with the guidelines below.  We ask all library users to help maintain a clean and healthy environment by disposing of all waste and recyclables in the proper containers.


Drinks are only allowed in containers with secure lids or caps (and those lids and caps must be kept on the containers). Examples are:

  • Spill-proof travel mugs
  • Sport-style water bottles
  • Plastic bottles with caps

You may enjoy non-messy, non-aromatic snacks such as:

  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips
  • Fruit
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Carrot sticks

Messy and/or aromatic foods such as pizza, soup, hamburgers, fries, nachos, etc. are only permitted in the 2012 Lounge on the first floor.  

Report All Spills

No fault policy – If you spill something, please report it to a service desk (Circulation or Reference) so we can help you clean it up and provide paper towels, etc. We will not blame you, and in fact, will thank you for telling us about it!

Areas of the Library Where Food and/or Drink are Prohibited

  • Food and drink are prohibited in Special Collections/Archives
  • Noisy food (loud crunching, rustling of chip bags, etc.) is prohibited in designated silent areas
  • Food is prohibited in the computer labs; drinks are allowed in containers with secure lids

Guidelines & Principles

Please follow these simple principles borrowed from the Leave No Trace Outdoor Principles:

Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Make sure to place recyclables in recycling bins and non-recyclable garbage in trash cans designated for those purposes.

Leave Everything as You Found It

  • Leave library/technology resources, furnishings, and equipment as you found them–or in better condition than you found them.
  • If you spill something, please report it to a service desk.
  • Be Considerate of others including our hard-working custodial staff.

Library personnel reserve the right to determine the permissibility of food or drink. Library personnel reserve the right to ask individuals to relocate to the Lounge or remove food or drink from prohibited areas.