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Damage to Library Materials

To extend the life of library materials, patrons are expected to treat all library materials with care and to return materials in the same condition as when checked out. Library patrons returning a damaged item, or who damage a non-circulating item, will be assessed at the replacement cost plus a $20 processing fee. Library staff will determine whether the item has been damaged beyond normal wear.  Patrons who continually misuse Library materials, including circulating and non-circulating items, may have their borrowing privileges revoked.

With Contactless Pickup in effect, we encourage uses to quarantine books for three days as recommended by the REALM project.  Do not use disinfectant, cleaner, water, soap, bleach, hand sanitizers, wipes, or anything other cleaning product on library materials. Do not leave library materials outside or in the sun for long periods or use UV treatments on them.  Any of the above can damage books.  
Examples of billable damage include:

  • Missing pages, discs, or accompanying materials
  • Using materials as furniture props, wedges, or coasters
  • Broken spine
  • Water/liquid damage
  • Pen, pencil, or highlighter markings
  • Leaving post-its, sticky notes, paper clips, etc. in books
  • Torn or missing covers
  • Scratched discs
  • Mold