Drug and Alcohol Policies

Alcoholic Beverages
Purchase College seeks to encourage and sustain an academic environment that both respects individual freedom and promotes the health, safety and welfare of all members of its community. In keeping with these objectives, Purchase College has established a policy and guidelines governing the possession, use, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Purchase College campus which conform to the laws of New York State. Underage possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at Purchase College. Selling or furnishing alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 or to persons inebriated is not permitted at Purchase College. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages is limited to designated locations, as per the Purchase College Alcohol Policy which is supplied to all incoming students.

Illegal Drugs
The Purchase College policy concerning illegal drugs prohibits:

  1. The possession use, sale, or other distribution of narcotics, hallucinogenic or controlled substances (except as permitted by law) on the campus by any student, employee, or visitor.
  2. The use, sale, or possession of any drug paraphernalia, including, but not limited to, water pipes, bongs, and hypodermic syringes/needles not prescribed by a licensed physician.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education Programs
Consistent with its educational mission, Purchase College also assists its members in finding alternatives to alcoholic beverages for promoting social interactions and stress reduction, and provides services and resources for community members who experience alcohol-related difficulties.

Keeping yourself informed is an important step toward developing a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to cope with problems as they arise. Useful and informative prevention education programs are provided throughout the year by campus activities, Residence Life staff and the Purchase College Counseling Center.

For students with substance abuse problems or concerns, assistance is available on campus at the Counseling Center or Student Health Services.  They may be contacted at the following telephone numbers:

Counseling Center:  251-6390       Student Health Services:  251-6380 

Experienced professional counselors will offer support in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality and will also offer individual assessment and referral to both on- and off-campus resources.

If you are aware of problems with friends, roommates or family members, we encourage you to act responsibly by consulting with staff in the Counseling Center or Health Services. Remaining silent or waiting until a situation has become dangerous is neither respectful nor responsible. Purchase College believes that students should help one another to solve alcohol and substance abuse problems as they occur.

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