Regalia and Commencement Fee

re·ga·li·a (rəˈɡālyə/) noun; plural noun: regalia

  • the emblems or insignia of royalty, especially the crown, scepter, and other ornaments used at a coronation.
  • the distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status.

    “the Bishop of Florence in full regalia”

Order and Pay hereOnline ordering will be available beginning on January 20,2020

$90 Commencement Fee includes:

  • Cost of your regalia (cap and gown)
  • Two tickets
  • Diploma cover
  • Transportation to and from the County Center
  • Parking at the venue
  • Senior week events
  • May be paid online when ordering your cap and gown through March 20 for Master candidates and April 3 for Bachelor candidates.

Note: If you choose not to attend the Commencement Ceremony you do not have to pay this fee.