Grades 9-12

Location: Music Bldg., Room 0052

Achieve personal vocal growth by learning a healthy vocal technique. Through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen the voice and help you reach your full and true potential, you will explore an in-depth study of vocal skills and concepts and gain insight into the capabilities of your instrument and its possibilities.

Discover how to be an engaging, dynamic performer and interpreter as you explore many styles of music, including musical theatre, standards, pop, cabaret, and jazz. Learn about vowel color, diction, tone quality, phrasing, expression, interpretation, and dynamics. Understand how to approach a song from the basic learning stages—accuracy of notes and rhythms—through a polished, thoughtful and musical performance of the song.

Work on solos as well as group singing to grasp the technique of vocal blending. Master classes in vocal jazz will be offered by Alexis Cole, who teaches jazz voice in the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College. Emerge with a true sense of your own vocal possibilities, musicianship, style, and artistry.

Typical Day

9:30-10:15: Vocal Technique

We hit the ground running daily with group and individual vocal warm-up and technique lessons. Apply technique to simple group songs.

10:15-12:00: Performance and Music Practice/Technique

Each day we will delve into any combination of the following:

  • Music theory –notation, solfege singing
  • Rhythmic and harmonic exercises
  • Approaching your song-learning what every mark on the page means!
  • Learn group songs/blending voices
  • Discuss and learn about different singing styles
  • Musical Bag of Knowledge-over 50 musical ideas and terms will be introduced and you will practice these throughout the session. Your bag, which will be filled with an immense amount of musical knowledge, will be yours to keep and use as you pursue your singing

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-1:45: Listen to favorite artists and discuss; continue work from the morning session on Performance and Music Practice/Technique

1:45-3:00: Individual work on performance pieces.

3:00-3:30: Group songs—harmonies and blending

On two different days there will be a morning jazz vocal workshop

Session II: July 15–July 26
Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
$1,200 for the first registration
$1,080 for the second registration in the family, Purchase College employees and alumni, and early registrations (received by May 10, 2019)

For a well-rounded summer, combine with Acting on Camera Boot Camp, Musical Theatre Boot Camp, Songwriting Workshop, Modern Journalism, eSports Apprentice - YouTube© Streamers and Gamers, Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game, and/or Web App Creator and Python Programmer. Discount for enrolling in multiple programs.

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About the Instructors