In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all psychology majors must meet the following requirements:

  1. PSY 1530/Introduction to Psychology
  2. PSY 3560/Research Methods I: Statistics and Design*
  3. PSY 3561/Research Methods II: Application and Integration
  4. One of the following courses:
    PSY 3660/Physiological Psychology
    PSY 3705/Special Topics in Neuropsychology
    PSY 3715/Human Neuropsychology
    PSY 4180/Seminar on Neurocognitive Aging
  5. Five electives in psychology (at least three upper-level)
    The following do not fulfill the electives requirement: independent studies, tutorials, internships, learning assistantships, and PSY 3850/Practicum in Child Development.  Students may petition their academic advisor to have one upper-level psychology elective replaced by an upper-level elective in the liberal arts and sciences that is programmatically relevant.
  6. One of the following biology courses:
    BIO 1510/Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    BIO 1520/Human Anatomy and Physiology II
    BIO 1550/General Biology I
    BIO 1560/General Biology II
  7. One course in philosophy
  8. One course in anthropology or sociology
  9. PSY 4880 and 4890/Psychology Senior Seminar I and II
  10. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I
  11. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II

*Prerequisite: 40 credits, including PSY 1530 with a grade of C or higher

  Minimum Grade Requirements

  1. a grade of C or higher in all other required psychology courses, excluding the senior project, and in electives that are used to fulfill requirements for the major
  2. a grade of C- or higher in the biology course(s)

Students who do not meet these standards are required to retake or substitute courses as needed. Students who earn a grade lower than C in PSY 3560 or 3561 must petition the Psychology Department faculty for permission to retake the course.

Transfer Students

The psychology program is carefully structured to prepare students to carry out their senior projects, and all students must complete a four-semester sequence of required courses. Students who plan to transfer to Purchase College from another college should familiarize themselves with the degree requirements.