Psychology is the study of behavior and experience. As such, it includes topics as diverse as emotion, cognition, personality, social processes, psychobiology, psychopathology, and psychological development in children and across the lifespan.

The psychology program at Purchase College offers basic and advanced courses, as well as research opportunities, in all of these areas. Regardless of the subject matter, there is a strong emphasis on the use of scientific methodology to pursue knowledge.

The psychology major is designed to provide and then build on the basic skills students need for critical analysis of empirical and theoretical material in the field and to provide a sophisticated understanding of the subject matter in a broad range of topic areas. This basic study is enriched by the perspectives drawn from courses in the related disciplines of biology, philosophy, and anthropology or sociology. The learning process culminates in the senior project, a yearlong independent research project conducted under the supervision of a faculty member.

In addition to the senior project, opportunities for hands-on experiences are available through supervised internships, learning assistantships, and a practicum in child development, where students serve as assistants to teachers at the Children’s Center on campus.

About Our Alumni

The psychology program provides a strong foundation for students who plan to continue their studies at graduate and professional schools. Our alumni are equipped to enter advanced degree programs in all areas of psychology as well as programs in education, medicine, social work, and law. Some students move directly into careers in mental health services, research, teaching, and early childhood education.