Sample Capstones

Owen Borda
Time/Date:                Fall 2018

This capstone section provides an opportunity for liberal studies major to draw upon their learning and lived experience to develop an integrated exploration in the area(s) of their choice. Project will culminate in a research paper or a creative project with accompanying contextual essay. All students will present their final research/project on the last day of class.

George Keteku
Time/Date:                 Fall 2018

To prepare for this Capstone, students are provided background on the ways social scientific methods are used by researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in understanding how the complex set of factors —- environmental, religion, sustainable development, diseases, political and civil rights, economic and social rights —— work and influence the well-being of individuals and groups.

Throughout the semester, students will evaluate the relevance of their topics, not only in terms of their majors, but in relations to socioeconomic and political issues of today and the future. Lastly, students will use the acquired research skills to design their research, evaluate relevant literature, collect and analyze data, draw inferences, reach conclusions, and present their findings.