Sample Capstone Course

 The Practice of Law

Students are required to participate in Saturday morning classes held both on and off campus and satisfy the 15-hour experiential requirement through one or a combination of the following, which typically occur during weekday business hours: attending court proceedings in local courts in the area, meeting with lawyers in area law firms, attending bar association educational events and/or interning on dedicated dates with a lawyer, in a law firm or with a judge. Travel to White Plains, Brooklyn, and courts in Westchester County is anticipated.

The attached syllabus is a working draft; we are including it so that you can learn more about the way the course will be structured, the major assignments, and due dates. As with all syllabi, the final version will be presented on the first day of class by the instructor. If you have further questions about how your ideas for a final capstone project might suitably fit a particular course, please do consult the instructor directly