Academic Requirements for the Minor in Global Black Studies

Five courses, including at least three upper-level (3000–4000 level), chosen from an approved list.

Because new courses may be added to the curriculum from time to time, students should also consult with the coordinator of the global black studies minor.

Courses Available for the Minor in Global Black Studies

School of Humanities

Art History:
ARH 2300/West African Art
ARH 2305/West African Dance: History, Theory, Practice
ARH 2550/Arts of Africa
ARH 3170/African American Art
ARH 3177/Contemporary African Art
ARH 3565/Photography in Africa and the African Diaspora (added Spring 2018)
ARH 4130/Contemporary African American Art: East Coast-West Coast
ARH 4770/African Art and Film
ARH 4775/Performance Art in the West African Diaspora

ARH 3560/African Photography (replaced by ARH 3565 in Spring 2018)
French Language and Culture:
FRE 3067/French Caribbean Literature
HIS 2540/Society and Culture in Modern Brazil
HIS 2770/Ancient Africa: History and Archaeology (added Fall 2018)
HIS 3466/To Enjoy Our Freedom: African American History Since 1865
HIS 3555/African Diasporas in the Americas
HIS 3625/Slaves and Enslavement in the Americas
HIS 3705/Slavery and Social Status in the Atlantic World 
LIT 2100/Freedom Dreams: Introduction to African American Literature
LIT 3043/Toni Morrison (added Fall 2017)
LIT 3380/Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
LIT 3605/Jazz and the Literary Imagination
LIT 3845/Zora Neale Hurston
PHI 2560/Thinking Race

JOU 3040, Race, Gender, and the Media

School of Natural and Social Sciences

ANT 1010/Nigerian/Hausa Language and Culture
ANT 2730/New Black Ethnographies
ANT 3255/Urban Life in Africa
ANT 3345/Media and Performance in Africa
Political Science:
POL 2070/West African Politics and Literature
SOC 4025/Critical Race Theory
SOC 2140/Race and Ethnicity
SOC 3725/Globalization, Culture, Social Change: Africa & US
PSY 3090/Psychology of Stigma

Conservatory of Music

MPE 1245/Soul Voices Ensemble
MUS 2570/Introduction to Jazz

School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education

Liberal Studies—Sociology:
SOC 3415/Racial Inequalities

School of Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies - Cinema Studies:
CINE 3090 - Cinema of the Portuguese Speaking World