Major learning outcomes for this program:

In addition to SUNY and Purchase College general education outcomes, students in the Conservatory of Dance demonstrate the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Performance: Students will demonstrate technical proficiency and artistic expression in ballet and/or modern dance by performing selected choreography of classic and contemporary works on stage. They will:
    1. demonstrate the technical proficiency and artistic expressiveness to effectively discern and interpret the choreography’s stylistic demands.
    2. understand the audition and selection processes.
    3. understand the roles of warm-up class, “spacing,” lighting, and dress rehearsals.
    4. come to know what they personally need to prepare for performance.
    5. apply makeup properly.
  2. Technique: Students will demonstrate technical ability at a level to audition for professional companies. Students will master the art of kinetic communication of western concert dance, (classical and contemporary ballet, and modern dance), and consistently demonstrate a sense of style, finesse, quality, attention to detail, clarity of movement, and artistic performing ability in class. They will:
    1. demonstrate an understanding of dance technique, classroom etiquette, dress, and process.
    2. be familiar with both classical ballet and two or more modern techniques and be able to demonstrate that knowledge with physical clarity.
    3. understand the use of space, line, placement, and musicality.
  3. Composition/Choreography: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetics and craft western dance choreography. They will demonstrate:
    1. knowledge of movement structure and of musicality in relation to music.
    2. inventiveness and creativity in movement material.
    3. integrity of artistic choices in composition.
  4. Preprofessional: Within two years after graduation, many Conservatory of Dance graduates will be professionally engaged in the field of dance as performers, teachers, choreographers, managers, crew, or postbaccalaureate students.