Requirements for the graduate major in art history include eight courses (32 credits), proficiency in one foreign language, and an 8-credit thesis. A minimum 3.0 (B) cumulative GPA must be earned at Purchase College.

Required Courses:

  1. ARH 5101/Proseminar: Method and Theory in Art History
  2. ARH 5325/Master’s Colloquium I
  3. ARH 5326/Master’s Colloquium II
  4. ARH 5—/One course dealing with art before 1950
  5. Four elective courses in art history
  6. ARH 5990/Master’s Thesis I: 4 credits
  7. ARH 5991/Master’s Thesis II: 4 credits

MA/MFA Option

Please refer to the School of Art+Design section for specific academic requirements.

MA Museum and Gallery Practice Option

In consultation with faculty, students may opt to take courses in museum and gallery practice as part of or in addition to the elective requirements for the graduate degree. Courses in this group include ARH 5030/Exhibitions Seminar and ARH 5145/Collections Research/Neuberger Museum, along with special electives that vary by semester.

Neuberger Curatorial Fellows Program (Graduate)

A competitive, advanced apprenticeship for art history graduate students, designed to pair students with curators from the museum to curate exhibitions drawn from the permanent collection. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students may use this exhibition to satisfy their MA thesis requirement for graduation. The application is open to any first-year students in the MA program. The fellowship spans three semesters (or two semesters and a summer session) and culminates in an exhibition and associated publication. For more information, please visit–intro.php.

Updates to the 2016–18 Purchase College Catalog:

  • Added 11/30/16: MA Museum and Gallery Practice Option; Neuberger Curatorial Fellows Program.