Personal Safety Committee

The Personal Safety Committee, which reports directly to the President, is comprised of student representatives, college Faculty and Staff, charged with prevention education on topics of personal safety among the campus community. Personal safety topics discussed are submitted from those who reside on or off campus, or from those who are employed on campus. Pictures and detailed description of safety concerns are submitted in an annual report which is forwarded to the college President and SUNY Central.

Campus Life Committee

The Campus Life Committee meets to address campus life concerns from policies to some safety issues and will periodically review a set of guidelines to be used by the Conduct Officers/Committee and/or the members of the College community in assigning sanctions. It is comprised of faculty, staff and students – all walks of the campus community.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee assesses the health and wellness needs of the campus through surveys, focus groups and other quantifiable measurement tools, in order to create education outreach opportunities for the students and the campus at large. The members of the Wellness Committee include faculty, staff and students from across the campus.