Spring 2022 Visit Timeline Month(s) Year
Self Study Institute October 2019
Assemble Steering Committee November 2019
Skype Phone with VP Liaison Jan/Feb 2020
Identify naming convention for Evidence Inventory May 2020
Steering Committee crafts the Self-Study Design Spring/Summer 2020
Assemble Working Groups Summer/Early Fall 2020
Start to think about how and where to collect evidence Spring/Summer/Early Fall 2020
MSCHE VP Liaison Visit (Dr. Paul Starkey) September 2020
Campus wide Self-Study Kick Off September - October 2020
Campus wide consultation on collecting documents and descriptions of policies/procedures for Evidence Inventory.

September - October

Revisions and acceptance of Self-Study Design September - October 2020
Working Groups gather and analyze data and submit progress reports to Steering Committee September - December 2020
Working Groups Campus Forums to discuss and share work/evidence January 2021
Team Chair Selection begins for spring 2022 visit January 2021

Accepted Self-Study Design sent to Team Chair

January 2021
Visit Dates are Chosen January - May 2021
Working Groups submit outline of Self-Study Chapter to Steering Committee Early February 2021
Working Groups draft their chapter February - April 2021
Review effectiveness of referencing ; develop Glossary; continue to refine Evidence Inventory. February - September 2021
Steering Committee collects all Working Group chapters and consolidates into first draft April - May 2021
Steering Committee shares draft of Self-Study with the campus community May 2021
Steering Committee polishes Self-Study draft Summer 2021
Chair’s Preliminary Visit Fall 2021
Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair feedback; shared with campus



Final Self-Study including Evidence Inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal January - March 2022
On Site Eval Visit Spring 2022
Commission Action June or Nov 2022