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Ennis Addison

Visiting Assistant Professor of Global Studies

Prior to teaching at Purchase he taught at Auburn University where he received his Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies and Stony Brook University where he is completing his PhD in the department of Hispanic Languages and Literature. His dissertation, a comparative project, is currently entitled, From Harlem to Havana and Back Again: Ruin, the ‘Performance of Survival’, and the Ambivalent Detective in Chester Himes’ Harlem Cycle and Leonardo Padura’s Cuatro Estaciones. He plans on defending in the Fall of 2019. He has studied abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and the Universidad de las Américas in Mexico. In addition, he has lived in or traveled to Spanish-speaking countries as varied as Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. When he’s not taking his 3 children to and from school and attempting to pass on his love of language and literature to them, he likes to spend time in beautiful (and quiet) libraries or visit museums and cinema art houses. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.