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Peter Schwab

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Peter Schwab taught courses on human rights, African Politics and Literature, the Middle East, U.S Foreign Policy Since 1945, The Literature of Political Violence, and Cuba and the United States. Basically the emphasis was on courses that dealt with international politics and U.S. policy abroad.  

More About Me

Professor Schwab was a founding member of political science, joining the faculty in 1971. He retired in 2020 after almost 50 years at Purchase College, State University of New York. Among the first 15 faculty hired he helped to develop the original political science program and aided in its subsequent development. The SUNY Chancellor’s Award in Recognition of Exemplary Research and Scholarship (2005) and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014-2015) are among the numerous awards he has received. 

Research Interests

Human Rights

African Politics

Israel & Palestine

Cuba, the U.S, and the embargo

Representative Courses

The Middle East

Cuba & the U.S

West African Politics and Literature

U.S Foreign Policy



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