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Gregorio Rosenblum

Associate Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Drama Studies


Gregrorio Rosenblum was born January 27, 1940, in Santiago, Chile. He died in NYC, January 30, 2023.  He studied at the Escuela de Teatro de la Universidad de Chile. With three fellow students, created a Traveling Theatre Company, called Rocamadour, which traveled up the South American Pacific coast, performing in Perú, Ecuador, then Panamá, Costa Rica and Guatemala. They performed Jean Genet’s The Maids and El Cruce sobre el Niágara, by Alonso Alegría.

More About Me

In 1968, he won a scholarship from The University of Prague to study Theatre Direction. He lived in Prague for two years, during which time he completed his MFA and directed, in Czech, the comedy La Fiaca, by Ricardo Talesnik, Argentine playwright, at the Disk Theatre.

He settled in New York in 1971 and started teaching at Purchase in 1972. At Purchase, in spite of the stiff opposition of the Theatre Department, he directed a number of plays, among them The Criminals, by José Triana, and If Five Years pass, by Federico García Lorca,  Peter Weiss’ Marat-Sade, Ionesco’s The Lesson (in which he acted with Prof. Lenka Pichlíková) and Victor, or the Children in Power, by Roger Vitrac. He also acted in his plays Burning Patience (as Neruda) by Antonio Skarmeta, directed by Paul Zimet, and Relief at Purchase, in the Fall of 1986.

At Hartford, he performed the role of the Cuban writer in Richard Nelson’s Principia Scriptoriae (late 1980s). He also wrote many short stories and one play, called What! They shot the Director?​