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Allison Loggins-Hull ’05

—Powerhouse flutist, composer, and producer—

Allison Loggins-Hull ’05 is a “powerhouse” (The Washington Post) flutist, composer, and producer whose work defies classification and has been described as “evocative” by The Wall Street Journal.

She has been associated with acts across the spectrum of popular and classical music, including Flutronix, Hans Zimmer, Lizzo, Imani Winds, Alarm Will Sound, the International Contemporary Ensemble, Alicia Hall Moran, and Jason Moran.

Her music is resonant with social and political themes of the current moment, encompassing motherhood, Blackness, and cultural identity.

Loggins-Hull and Nathalie Joachim co-founded the critically acclaimed duo Flutronix, which has been praised by The Wall Street Journal for being able “to redefine the instrument” and for “redefining the flute and modernizing its sound by hauling it squarely into the world of popular music” (MTV).

Flutronix recently premiered two projects: Black Being at the Arts Club of Chicago, and Discourse with Carolina Performing Arts.

The Washington Post included Loggins-Hull on their list of “22 for ’22: Composers and performers to watch this year.”

In April 2022, Loggins-Hull was named the eleventh Daniel R. Lewis Composer Fellow for the Cleveland Orchestra. The three-season position includes several commissions as well as work with the Orchestra’s staff, musicians, and community partners to build activities and artistic relationships that reflect and engage the Cleveland community.

In addition to several Cleveland Orchestra commissions, including an expanded arrangement of her composition Can You See? in the 2022-23 season, Loggins-Hull’s work will be centered around the narratives and history of Cleveland, through chamber music performances and composition workshops with students.

During the 2022-23 season, Loggins-Hull performs with Alicia Hall Moran and Jason Moran at the Mississippi Museum of Art, with ETHEL at the Brooklyn Public Library, and on an East Coast tour with Flutronix and Third Coast Percussion.

As a composer, she has eight world premieres, a U.S. premiere, and a New York premiere this season. 

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