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Ali Ochoa ’18

Ali Ochoa MM ’18 (studio composition) is a Venezuelan composer, music producer, and songwriter who currently resides in Miami.

He is mostly known for his cinematic, electronic, and classical music compositions but has also produced songs that have ranked #1 in his country. The scope of his work is versatile and ranges from pop and Latin music to film scores and many others.

He’s particularly proud of his piano solo piece “Dark South.” 

“Since I came to the US to develop my education as a composer, my journey has been very interesting and inspiring. I’ve met so many immigrants with so many situations and stories that definitely touched me and encouraged me to create this piece. ‘Dark South’ is a story about immigrants.”

“I had a lot of beautiful and joyful moments studying there, and to have been an international student (Venezuela) was like feeling at home.”

Ali Ochoa on YouTube

Awards / Residencies

2019 American Protegé International Talent Competition