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Omar Seda

Fitness is something I have gotten into about six years ago. I remember when I first started, I struggled with being consistent and staying motivated to workout. What got me on track was using training apps. I didn’t want to ask strangers in the gym to help, and paying for trainers was out of my budget.

Today I want to present to you Assuage Fitness. I’m sure at some point you told yourself it’s time to get in shape. But for some reason, you can’t seem to find that motivation or courage to get up and get active—people’s reasons for not getting started range from not having enough time to not knowing what to do, so they give up before trying. This app will help users build momentum for a lifetime of good habits. The name Assuage means to make your unpleasant feelings about working out more pleasant. By peeling away at the anxiety, people have about starting to work out. This journey is something you don’t have to undertake on your own.