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Melanie Rosette ’20

Melanie Rosete ’20 is an emerging filmmaker from Brooklyn. Her junior film Princesa, was acknowledged with a prestigious Film Honoraria by The Princess Grace Foundation.

She’s incredibly proud and humbled by the Princess Grace Foundation’s recognition of her work. “Their acceptance letter said ‘we see you and we see what you’re trying to do and we want you to keep going.’ So to hear that as an undergrad, 20-year-old filmmaker is crazy. It opens a lot of doors for me.”

With an affinity for both editing and directing, she hopes to continue making films that are personal, yet resonate with audiences. “My college years have been about making films that are very directly about me, and I think it’s helped me learn how to make films that are more universally accepted.”

The film also earned three wins and three additional nominations from Brooklyn’s Two Roads International Film Festival in 2019.

The film won in the categories of Best Short Film, Best Director, and Best Student Film. It was nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography.