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Naydu Carmona

Lecturer of Biology

Dr. Carmona received her B.A from Manhattanville College in Biology and went on receive her PhD from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in Neuroscience. Her research focused on morphological alterations in the prefrontal cortex and thalamus associated with schizophrenia. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in physiology/pharmacology at the CUNY School of Medicine, where she investigated the effects of cocaine abuse in early brain development. Originally trained in neuroscience, she shifted to investigate Rhomboids, the largest family of enzymes hydrolyzing peptide bonds within the membrane.  These intramembrane proteases are highly conserved across life and have been implicated in several human diseases.

Dr. Carmona teaches a wide range of courses including General Biology I & II, as well as Anatomy & Physiology for majors and non-majors.