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Adar Eisenbruch

Visiting Assistant Professor in Psychology

Adar Eisenbruch took the scenic route to becoming an evolutionary psychologist. His experiences doing comedy during and after college got him interested in the psychology of humor, which led him to the evolutionary psychology of humor. This led to reading about evolutionary psychology in general, and he was hooked. Since he hadn’t studied psychology at all in college (Political Science major), he got an MA in Cognition and Culture before starting a PhD in Psychology.

More About Me

During his doctoral work, he did research on the endocrinology of mating behavior, and reading some papers in behavioral economics got me interested in cooperation and bargaining. Currently, he studies the evolved psychology of cooperation, and how humans’ evolutionary history of cooperation has shaped our social psychology more broadly. Specifically, I work on how people choose their cooperative partners, and how we divide the costs and benefits that arise in cooperative relationships. This work has implications for several areas of social psychology, such as social perception and moral psychology.

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Moral psychology
  • Social perception
  • Bargaining
  • Punishment
  • Cooperation

Representative Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology


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