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Isis Gonzalez

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Brooklyn

Favorite food: Pizza & Tacos

Sign: Aquarius

Color: Yellow

 What is your motivation to succeed?

My motivation to succeed are my siblings. My older sister constantly pushes me to be my best self and that makes me work hard to set the same example for my younger brother.

 Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I dead love musicals.

 What are your long term goals?

My long term goals are to be happy in whatever I do and to make the people I love happy.

 What does EOP/MAP mean to you?

EOP/MAP is my home away from home, it means having a support system on campus that I can rely on.

 What’s your most invaluable experience at Purchase?

My most invaluable experience was going on a service trip to Colombia because it helped me realize that giving back to communities in need is very important to me. I also realized how much I enjoy doing community service and meeting new people.