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Debut Novel by Emily Ruth Verona ’12 With Nods to Cinema

The New York Times describes Midnight on Beacon Street as “an impressive debut.”

Congratulations to Emily Ruth Verona ’12 for her debut novel, Midnight on Beacon Street (HarperCollins).

The work bridges both Verona’s majors at Purchase—Creative Writing and Cinema Studies.

“With its feverish pacing and startling plot twists, this is an impressive debut.”

The New York Times
“4 New Horror Novels That Are as Fresh as They Are Terrifying”

Cover of the debut novel Midnight on Beacon Street by Emily Ruth Verona '12

“In this dazzling debut novel, Emily Ruth Verona moves back and forth in time, ratcheting up suspense and tension on every page. Chock-full of nods to classic horror films of the seventies and eighties, Midnight on Beacon Street is a gripping thriller full of electrifying twists and a heartwarming tale of fear and devotion that explores our terrors and the lengths we’ll go to keep our loved ones safe.”

Verona won the Pinch Literary Award in Fiction in 2014, was a Bram Stoker Award nominee, and a Jane Austen Short Story Award Finalist.

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