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MovieMaker Supports Project by Victoria deMartin ’14

The magazine selected deMartin’s first feature film to support through its Production Services program.

MovieMaker magazine’s Production Services has helped dozens of filmmakers stretch their budgets and get their films the attention they deserve. They’ve chosen to support Victoria deMartin’s first feature film project.

The idea for deMartin’s film, The Cutting Room Floor, came to her while editing Winter Rye as a student here. She told MovieMaker:

“I had a lot of late nights editing that movie, and there was one scene where the actor kept looking into the camera. I realized how weirdly cinematic it was, spending so much time with these actors,” she says. “It felt like such an interesting moment—just being in a lonely editing room, watching these intimate scenes, and feeling like a part of it, but you’re not — you’re alone.”

DeMartin explores the themes of reality and fiction through the eyes of a strong female protagonist—a film editor immersed in editing an onscreen romance while questioning her own relationships.

DeMartin also explores the role women have historically played in editing movies, (mostly filmed by men), how intense and solitary it can be, and how critical it is to the final product.

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The Purchase Network at Work

DeMartin’s team includes several fellow Film BFA alumni.

  • Jovon Outlaw ’14 is director of photography.
  • Paul Kmiec ’15 is a producer.
  • Jessica Gordon ’20 is a co-producer.