The BFA film program provides highly motivated and talented students with intensive conservatory training in all aspects of filmmaking. Students develop significant skills in directing, cinematography, editing, production, screenwriting, and film analysis. By the end of the sophomore year, students consult with the film faculty and choose to focus on either narrative, documentary, or experimental film production in their junior year.

The primary emphasis of the BFA program is on writing/directing. At the end of the junior year, however, film majors who have demonstrated exceptional talent in cinematography or screenwriting have the option of specializing in those areas, subject to approval by the program faculty. The faculty’s decision is based on demonstration of the student’s technical and artistic proficiency.


Film majors enjoy a high equipment-to-student ratio and have access to fully equipped newly renovated sound stages, a mix studio, an equipment store, state of the art screening rooms, and digital editing studios.

About Our Alumni

More than 85 percent of film program alumni have found work in the film and television industries. These are just a few of our representative alumni: Jessica Brunetto, Ilya Chaiken, Austin Chick, Rocco Caruso, Bob Gosse, Nick GomezHal Hartley, Azazel Jacobs, Lesli Klainberg, Dani Michaeli, Whitney Ransick, Jimmie Joe Roche, Jeffrey Schwarz, James Spione, and Chris Wedge.

Updated 9-22-20