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Hunter Zimny ’16 Praised for Work on “Funny Pages”

Zimny is the director of photography for this critically acclaimed coming-of-age dark comedy.

Funny Pages is director Owen Kline’s feature debut that’s earning plenty of critical acclaim. It’s a dark comedy delving into the world of comics through a high schooler dreaming of becoming a comic book artist.

Hunter Zimny ’16, director of photography, shares the cinematography credit with the revered indie cinematographer Sean Price Williams.

Zimny’s previous cinematography credits include The Scary of Sixty-First (2021), Let’s Get Lost (2020), Danny’s Girl (2020), and Giants Being Lonely (2019)

Also an actor, Zimny appeared in the 2021 film Project Space 13 (shot by Williams).

Praise for Funny Pages’ Cinematography

“‘Funny Pages’ was shot in super 16 millimeter film, which gives the movie a gritty texture that fits the material and, at times, evokes some classics of 1970s cinema.”

The New York Times

“Cinematographers Sean Price Williams and Hunter Zimny relish shooting these characters in close-up, often magnifying their features in super 16mm, much like an underground comic artist would in print. If there’s any sensationalism or luridness in the photography, it’s entirely incidental to the primary goal of elevating regular-looking people to the big screen, a noble gesture too unrecognized these days.”


Funny Pages Movie Poster